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How does Rebaid Work?

Watch the video to learn more.
  • Get deals up to 100% Off
  • Discounts applied as rebate payments
  • Receive rebates by mailed check or direct deposit
  • Rebates as quickly as 3 days after purchase
  • Helps small brands get their products discovered

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Rebaid does not require your credit card information. After you find a great offer you are linked to Amazon® to claim the deal. After purchasing the product you return to Rebaid to confirm your purchase. Once confirmed your rebate is processed and sent to you based on your rebate method preference selected.

3 Simple Steps to Great Deals!

  • Browse Product Offers

    Browse through the hundreds of rebate offers. You can search by product category, discount amount or other search criteria.

  • Purchase Item on Amazon

    After you find a product your interested in simply click to thr product page and select “Claim Offer”. You’ll be taken to Amazon to complete your purchase.

  • Confirm Purchase

    After you complete you purchase on Amazon, return to confirm your purchase. After confirmed your rebate payment will be sent as quickly as 3 days.

How & When Will I Receive my Rebate?

Receive rebates in as soon as 3 business days with direct deposit.

How would you like to receive your rebates?

You can change your rebate payment preference at any time!
  • Mailed Checks

    Received in 5-6 weeks after purchase.
  • Direct Deposit

    Received in 2-3 business days after purchase.
  • Rebaid is proud to have partnered with Citizens Bank to securely process rebate payments.
  • You may select between direct deposit and mailed check for your rebate payments.
  • Direct deposits arrive within 3 business days directly in your bank account.
  • Mailed checks may take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Check out some active offers!

Offers expire and new offers are added daily.
  • How are the discounts so large?

    Many brands struggle to be discovered on Amazon due to the huge number of products on their website. The most effective way for them to enhance their popularity on Amazon® is to offer a limited number of shoppers deep discounts. Brands go to Rebaid to advertise these deeply discounted rebate offers.

  • Can I receive the discount before the order?

    The discount must be made as a rebate payment after the order. Rebates are the most effective type of promotion for brands trying to grow their Amazon® sales. We do however offer super fast 3 business day rebates! So your rebate payment will be deposited into your bank account shortly after your product is delivered if you choose this rebate method.

We are obsessed with great deals.

It’s more than shopping. The founders and employees at Rebaid are parents, coaches and teachers. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer a wide selection of FREE or deeply discounted baby care products, sports equipment home goods and much more!

  • I’m Sara, head of customer service for Rebaid. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any comment, question or issue. We would love to hear from you!

    What other shoppers are saying

  • Joe M.

    My friend recomended I try this site. Definitely glad I did. Most recently I got a cordless drill for less than $1. This is amazing. Thanks.

  • Helen B.

    When I heard about this site giving rebates up to 100% making products free or almost free with no membership fee it sounded to good to be true. The site was user friendly making my ordering process simple. I was skeptical at first but to my surprise I received my beautiful ambient salt lamp and rebate check within days of ordering

  • Josie V.

    Of course the great deals kinda speaks for itself. But beyond that I just love how easy the entire process is. There’s no hoops to jump through. It shows when your rebate payments are coming and they arrive on the date. Can’t ask for more than that.