About Rebaid

location Icon Based in the BIG APPLE, New York City

Our Dual Mission

Offer shoppers compelling deals on great products AND provide a highly effective method for small brand owners to attain the pinnacle of success on Amazon.

About Us

Founded by 5-Star Amazon business owners we thoroughly understand the intracacies of the marketplace and interest of shoppers and sellers. That’s why we offer shoppers convenient rebate payments in as few as 3 days. Meanwhile our brand partners can be assured to the fair use of their rebate campaigns with a market leading 45 day guarantee against incomplete or returned orders.

Designing a robust platform is just the start. Behind the scenes the growing Rebaid team works around the clock to ensure a continuos supply of great product offers. As sellers ourselves we are contiously developing new tools and features to further enhance the ranking effectiveness of rebate campaigns.

As seamless as we strive for our platform to be we understand that sometimes you just need someone to talk to. That’s why we refuse to use chat bots, auto-replies or 3rd party answering services. Contact us and you can be sure someone on the Rebaid team will review your request and get back to you the same day.