BensBargains -What's With The Hype?!

by Cleora Reber Sept. 10, 2021

BensBargains - and More!

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the endless possibilities available with the "bensbargains" website and other similar sites! The 21st century is filled with plenty of modern wonders- and coupons you don’t have to clip are one of them. 


Bens Bargains available offers


Are you on the hunt for freebies, great deals, and discounts?! Well, you have come to the right place! 


What a luxury it is to shop and save money with the click of a button. Plus, with all of the websites out there and deals available, you shouldn’t have to pay full price for anything ever again. 


Bens Bargains has more categories to choose from than the cereal aisle has cereal at the supermarket! You can be looking for anything from Car Accessories to Computers and find it at all at Bens Bargains. 


Deals, Discounts, Rewards, and Coupons

You can find deals, discounts, rewards, and coupons from all of your favorite stores and brands at Bens Bargains! A database of internet savings, if it is on sale or has a promo code, you will probably be able to find it on the Ben’s Bargains website.


BensBargains Partner Stores

Back To The Beginning...

Ben’s Bargains is over twenty years old and started in January of the year 2000. Created with the idea to bring DVD bargains to consumers, BensBargains debuted with the name Ben’s DVD Bargain Center. Over time Ben’s evolved to include deals from a large assortment of sites and not just electronics, they renamed themselves Ben’s Bargain Center and turned into the deal powerhouse that we know and love today!


Ben’s Bargains prides themselves on finding human-sourced deals, that are tested by Bens Bargain employees on a daily basis. When you use Ben’s Bargains you can rest assured that the code will do what it says it will! 


What Are The Best Things to Buy From The Site?

Your own personal team of deal hunters puts together a collection of savings for you on a daily basis. You can find great deals on almost anything. For example, there is this Dirt Devil Cordless Vaccum available for over 50% off retail. 


BensBargains vacuum


Pick Out Your Own Items From Stores

Or maybe you’re in the market for some flaming hot white cheddar popcorn. Another excellent find, courtesy of Ben’s Bargains. But the savings opportunities don’t stop at small ticket items or specific promoted items. Plenty of codes are available at Ben’s Bargains for you to be using at your favorite stores, like Macy’s, Target, or even Home Depot.


Bens Bargains White Cheddar Popcorn Deal


Sort By Brand

If you already know what you want, and want to skip sorting through stores, you can choose by brand. Bens Bargains has an entire brand-specific category with brands like Canon, Columbia, Nike, and even Apple. When you click on a brand you’re interested in, BensBargains pulls up all of the promotions offered on products from that specific brand- and from there you can even sort by price. Making finding great deals, on great items from your favorite brands super easy.


Check out this Apple Watch Series 5 44mm GPS + Cellular Aluminum Smart Watch, marked down over 40% off MSRP!


Bens Bargains Deals Aluminum Watch


Ben’s Bargains Deal Alert

If you can’t find a specific item you’re looking for, do not fear. Ben’s Bargains has a deal alert program where you can describe your item, and get alerts for it if it goes on sale or becomes available. This program will send you a personalized notification if your item becomes available. However, you can’t get Amazon alerts and you can rarely find Amazon Deals.


Bens Bargains Deal Alert Set Up


New Deal Site Alert!-

If you’re looking for a place to get Amazon Deals then you should check out It is a great place to find exclusive Amazon deals that other sites won't have (not even Bens Bargains.) You can get freebies and mega discounts on a huge assortment of products. Rebaid sends cash back Rebates that can be deposited into your account in as little as 3 days. If you’re looking for free toys, gifts, clothes, vitamins, or home decor, make sure to check out


Rebaid eco kind pet treats


Still Searching “Gifts Near Me?!”

You don’t have to panic before an event and google “gifts near me” anymore. You can stock up on things to bring to children's birthday parties, housewarming parties, and more by using the free items at Rebaid to your advantage. Check out this Chess Set, available for FREE after rebate. Or even this fun Jewelry making kit for kids (or adults) to enjoy is another FREE after rebate opportunity!


rebaid chess set free


But How Is Rebaid Different?

What makes Ben’s Bargains different from Rebaid? Unlike Ben’s Bargains, Rebaid isn’t a coupon site. All of the deals showcased on Rebaid offer guaranteed cash back for purchases. While a ton of the items on Rebaid are free, the ones that are not are heavily marked down. The best part is that a majority of the products available can be purchased through Amazon, so you can get the most of your prime benefits- and utilize that two-day free shipping option. 


So How Does It Work?

If you’re new to Rebaid, just sign up for an account. From there you get special access to the site's rebate promotions. All you have to do is click "redeem offer" on any given product, follow the link to the product page, then copy and paste the order number back into From there they will send you a rebate check in the mail. Then after your first two redemptions, you can receive an even faster payment via direct deposit!  It is that easy! 


Tell Your Friends to Sign Up, and Make $10!

You read that right! Share these great deals with your friends, and receive $10 when they sign up and redeem an offer using your unique link. Your friends get to be in the know about freebies and other great deals, and you get $10 in cash to spend how you wish.


To Sum It Up!

If deal hunting is your jam, don't let the sweet deals from Ben’s Bargains and Rebaid pass you by. The two sites complement each other, and Rebaid is one of the only sites on the internet with exclusive deals that you can’t find at Ben’s Bargains.