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Your Buying Guide for All Things Thanksgiving!

by Cleora Reber Oct. 22, 2021

While most people gather for Thanksgiving in celebration, it is one of the few holidays that people don't decorate for. This year honor the traditions that came before, by decorating in name of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Colors

Use Thanksgiving colors to your advantage this fall by adding them to your decor or outfits. A subtle way to allude to your Thanksgiving spirit is by integrating Thanksgiving colors into your home and wardrobe. Warm crispy browns, bright pumpkin oranges, and deep burnt reds make up the key players of the Thanksgiving color spectrum. But mustard yellows and deep greens also manage to conjure up major holiday moods. Use these colors around your home to make this Thanksgiving the coziest yet.


Thanksgiving Shirts

This Thanksgiving, get into the spirit early with some festive shirts. Matching Thanksgiving shirts are a great way to bring the whole family together. If you’re looking for festive shirts for Turkey day- look no further than Etsy. Etsy has a massive selection of shirts that can be custom-designed and decorated to your preferences. If shirts with turkeys on them are not your vibe, you can still get into the spirit with some Thanksgiving colors! 




Thanksgiving Tablecloths At Multiple Price Points

Looking for a casual way to integrate the holiday into your table setting this Thanksgiving? Upgrade your table cloth with a festive Thanksgiving themed runner. Make an investment into your holiday decor with this Harvest Bloom Tablecloth that will last a lifetime. 


Or get something that can be used all fall long and at a lower price point, by purchasing this tablecloth through Amazon. 


But if you’re looking for something super durable, and super budget friendly check out Party City. An immediate go to for birthday parties, and kids events; Party City also has a major holiday section. This thanksgiving tablecloth is an easy solution to tables that might get messy.



Thanksgiving Plates at Multiple Price Points

Thanksgiving Plates are an extra addition to any table setting. They are available at multiple price points in multiple designs. Whether you are bringing some treats for an office thanksgiving, cooking up a storm for a Friendsgiving or sitting down for a candle-lit Thanksgiving we have got a plate for that.


Leave it to Pottery Barn, to make a turkey on a plate look like a complete work of art. Perfect for your fancier Thanksgiving events, these botanical harvest turkey dinnerware pieces could be passed down to your grandchildren. 



An underrated store and a great place for midrange price point pieces, JC Penny has a beautiful assortment of Thanksgiving Plates. These plates can also be used for Halloween thanks to pumpkin imagery. These versatile fall-themed plates make a subtle statement. 



Want to make things festive without breaking the bank?

These disposable Thanksgiving Turkey plates remind eaters what's really important about this time of year: Giving Thanks! Give thanks this year to the super low prices offered at Party City!



Thanksgiving Baby Outfits

Thanks to the Covid Baby Boom, many shoppers are looking for Thanksgiving Baby Outfits. They aren’t little forever, and the bigger they get, the more expensive the turkey costumes get.

Dress your mini loved one in one of these cute, Thanksgiving get ups. Life is short, make sure to celebrate with festive outfits for the whole family!


If you aren’t confident you can get your little one to stay in a Turkey suit for the whole night, consider layering it with this fall leaf print matching family union set. This comfy and cute fall outfit will feel like a second skin to your babe, and it will still make a statement!



Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

One of the many trinkets making a major comeback in 2021, Thanksgiving napkin rings can easily spice up a bland table setting. If you aren’t doing a Thanksgiving table cloth, or Thanksgiving plates and dinnerware then opt-in for Thanksgiving Napkin rings. They make a major statement at a fraction of the price of other holiday decor.


Make your own easy peasy napkin rings using a cardboard tube from a paper towel roll. An easy craft for kids, check out the step by step process at Happiness is Homemade.



These elegant turkey and pumpkin rings from World Market are available online, or in store for just $2.99 for two. Make sure to snag yours before they sell out. 



Thanksgiving Inflatables

Decorate your lawn with a blow up Turkey! Christmas inflatables are super popular, but Thanksgiving inflatables are far and few between. Stand out in your neighborhood with an inflatable Turkey, pumpkin, or any other fall character.



This Harvest inflatable character is an easy way to bridge the gap between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Hit two birds with one stone by purchasing this farming scarecrow, jack-o-lantern. The farming figure alludes to Thanksgiving, while the Jack-o-lantern face makes a clear statement about Halloween. Celebrate all of falls Holidays with this inflatable from



Thanksgiving Outfit

Can’t decide what to wear to the biggest meal of the year? Or are you having a hard time finding the right balance of cute and comfy? Here are a few festive suggestions, that won't press on your stomach- or your wallet.



  1. The Loose Pants and Big Blazer Ensemble. -A smart move, and a smart-looking outfit. Choose a pair of loose pants, paired with a loose blazer, and feel like you’re wearing pajamas in public. Pair with a belt for photos, then take the belt off after the meal.
  2. The Chic Skirt with Sweater Look.- Pair a skirt with an oversized sweater, and tuck the sweater in ever so slightly for some shape. Pro tip: if you’re eating a lot, tuck the sweater in at your hips rather than your stomach. This will accentuate your waist and hide your tummy. Making seconds on turkey an easy decision. 
  3. The Dress.- The hard-to-compete dress is the perfect choice for Thanksgiving. Especially a shift dress, or any other form of loose fitting dress. The dress is the closest outfit you have to showing up to Thanksgiving dinner naked. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to wear a dress this thanksgiving, and shop here for some good ones that will not break the bank.