Bargain City- The Rundown on Furniture, Hours and Locations

by Cleora Reber Nov. 20, 2021

Bargain City Warehouse


Bargain City is a superstore known for its stand-out deals on furniture, appliances, and clothing.

With multiple locations across the United States, it is a great place to find exclusive discounts on big-ticket purchases. 


Early Origins

Bargain City, was started in 1956 in Toledo, Ohio by Hyman R. Swolsky. Swolsky was an immigrant to the United States and was born in Alinka, Suwalki Gubernia, Russia (Poland.) Hyman R. Swolsky was considered a pioneer in the discount retailing space. Not only did he build the Bargain City chain, but he also operated King Liquidators and then Famous Dollar Plus in Maumee, Ohio in the nineties. According to his daughter, he dabbled in wholesale up until his death at age 88 in 2004, after a long battle with cancer. At the time of his death, he had built a regional chain of 44 Bargain City stores.

The store which was originally founded under the name Bargain Barn quickly grew to serve multiple locations across the Midwest and Southern United States.


Rinks Meets Bargain Barn, and Bargain City is Born.

Cincinnati men, Coleman and Hyman Ullner acquired a vacant skating rink in Hamilton, Ohio. They set up the rink as a discount department store, which they referred to as Rinks, which opened in 1951. It rapidly grew in popularity and branch stores began popping up in the Cincinnati suburbs.

Around the same time, Hyman R. Swolsky in Toldeo, Ohio was opening his first Bargain Barn. By 1956 he had spread out and opened four Bargain Barn locations in the Ohio area

Then in 1960 Bargain Barn and Rinks merged. Was the camaraderie built between the men on the basis of having the same name (Hyman and Hyman?) Or was it their mutual love of discount retail that brought them together? We might never know. But what is for certain, is their growth trajectory skyrocketed with the merge. By 1960 new stores were being named Bargain City, and the original Bargain Barn in toledo permanently closed.

Then in 1967 Gray Drug, a Cleveland-based company acquired the retail conglomerate. At the time there were twenty-two stores with physical sizes ranging from 40,000 to 90,000 square feet. Some locations included supermarkets, making them one-stop shops. It was not until 1971 that all of the stores began operating under the name Rink’s Bargain City.


Norm’s Bargain Barn

Despite the similarities in names Bargain Barn and Bargain City both provide very different services to their customers. While they are similar in concept as they offer major deals to their customers. But the product offerings from each company vary. Norm Bargain Barn offers deals on close-out windows, doors cabinets, and more. While deals from Bargain City focus on appliances, mattresses, and furniture. But if you are a cost-conscious person in the market for home goods, Norms Bargain Barn is your place. If you are in St. Louis or Southern Illinois, stop by your local Norms today for big savings. 


Bargain Hunt

If you are on a major hunt for bargains there are plenty of great discount sites to shop, where you can find cheap products, get cashback on purchases, or even find exclusive discount codes. If you’re looking for a brick and mortar shopping experience there are plenty of Bargain City offerings available for you too. 


What to Buy From Bargain City

While each store varies by location, and the Bargain City website does a pretty good job of informing customers on what is available. 



Whether you are in desperate need of a new refrigerator, or maybe just looking, Bargain City is a great place to shop. Featuring French Door Refrigerators, Bottom Freezer Refrigerators, Built-In Refrigerators, and Specialty Refrigerators like wine coolers you are sure to find what you are looking for. Plus many of their products are listed for thousands of dollars below Market Suggested Retail Price.


Bargain City Refrigerator Deals


Ranges & Cook Tops

Save hundreds of dollars on ranges and cooktops from your local Bargain City. They offer a wide selection of gas cooktops and electric cooktops from a large assortment of brands.


Washers & Dryers

Has your old washer failed to clean things like it used to? Or maybe your old dryer has lost its heat control and started burning your clothing. It may be time for a new one. Luckily, if you are in the market for your next appliance, you need not look further than Bargain City. You could save hundreds of dollars on a single dryer alone.


Bargain City Washing Machine Deals



Save money on your next major mattress purchase. Bargain City offers standard mattresses in all sizes. They also offer adjustable height and hybrid mattresses. If you like to watch television in bed the adjustable mattress is perfect for you, as it allows users to sit straight up comfortably. Buying a mattress through Bargain City will help you save thousands of dollars. Nearly all of their products are marked down to record lows.


Bargain City Adjustable Mattress


Home Goods

Home goods, like home decor, pots and pans, and knick-knacks are available in all Bargain City stores. While the inventory varies, shoppers are guaranteed a wide selection of all sorts of products. But you will likely be able to find cutting boards, kids' toys, and dishware. Check out some other great online resources for heavily discounted, and sometimes even FREE home goods and knick-knacks.


Brand Name Clothing

Bargain City stores offer a wide selection of clothing and shoes for Men, Women, and Children. Their inventory changes on a daily basis. Those of you close enough to shop at Bargain City in person 


Bargain City Clothing


Bargain City Furniture

Are you looking for new furniture? Bargain City Furniture has got you covered. While some Bargain City stores across the country hold furniture inside of their stores, there are a few Bargain City Furniture stores dedicated to - you guessed it- furniture! These furniture stores are dedicated to providing deep discounts to shoppers, on everything from sectionals to dining room sets. If you’re refurnishing a new home or looking to spice up the furniture in your current home check out Bargain City Furniture.


Bargain City Furniture


Bargain Hunt Near Me

If you’re looking for other discount shopping venues similar to Bargain City, try Bargain Hunt. Located in a pocket of the Midwestern and Southern United States, Bargain Hunts are a shopper favorite. Find your local store, with this store locator tool, and find the Bargain Hunt near you!


Bargain Hunt Hours and Schedule

Lucky for you, it doesn’t matter where your local Bargain Hunt is, because they are all consistent with their setup and schedules. Meaning your local store, regardless of location, will open at 9 AM and close at 9 PM every day except Sunday. Sundays Bargain Hunts open at 10 AM and close at 8 PM. Bargain Hunt knows that if they are available all day every day the customers will come.

Bargain City Locations

In Summary

Don't pay full price for anything! There are so many resources for discount shopping in this day and age. Check out some other major discount shopping sites today.