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SOJOS Small Square Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women Polygon Mirrored Lens SJ1072

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Natural Sleep Aid Pills for Adults Extra Strength

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WalkerFit Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Waterproof Standard Smart Watch with Pedometer

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The principals of ranking on Amazon will never change.

You need shoppers to

Find your product

Buy your product

Love your product


Find your product

Link your product campaign on Rebaid to your Amazon product with a:

• 2 Step URL
• Search & find instructions
• Social share URL’s


Buy your product

Shoppers are sent to your Amazon listing and buy your product at full price.

• Get full price orders
• Shoppers receive their discount as a rebate payment.
• Orders are guaranteed against return


Love your product

Use our shopper messaging system to ask for a product review.

• Send shoppers follow up messages via SMS text
• Get 99% open rates on your shopper messages
• Get substantially higher product review rates

*Rebates are not in exchange for reviews and shoppers are not required to leave a review.

Find. Buy. Love.

We deliver these 3 critical elements

If your product is found by lots of shoppers, purchased by lots of shoppers and loved by lot of shoppers..

Your launch will always be successful.

Like a big engine, it takes lots of power to start up. But once running, it’s hard to stop.

We deliver that start up power to your Amazon listing.

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We’re not the only rebate platform. But we’re the only one that has this.

SMS Text Follow Up

Follow up with shoppers that redeem your offer via SMS Text Message. These messages have 99% open rates (as compared to 22% open rates on email based messaging systems).

Use this message to build a following on your brands social media page, ask for a product review or any other appropriate follow up.

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How does it work?

Sign Up

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Provide basic information including your company name, email and phone number. Then access your Rebaid seller dashboard.

Create a campaign

Create your first campaign in minutes from your Rebaid seller dashboard. Enter basic information including product title, description, URL link to your product, rebate value and units offered.

Fund & Launch

You only pay for the rebates offered on the first day of your campaign. A simple example:
Your product is $10, you’re offering a 50% rebate and 1 unit per day. In this example you would only pay $5 to start.

Get Results!

As shoppers begin redeeming your offer and purchasing your product at full price, your listing begins to move up in Amazon’s search results. As rank improves your listing generates more organic sales and accelerates the pace of rank improvment.

“Rebaid helped my brand new private label product get to the top of page 1 in just 8 days! Their user friendly dashboard makes it incredibly simple to keep track of your rebates and expenses.”

David Scheuer, Founder of Ecom Dave

Sellers on Rebaid find it to be a very effective tool for ranking. That’s why..

88% of sellers who create their first campaign go on to launch more campaigns.

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