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How does Rebaid Work?

Watch the video to learn more.
  • Generate full price sales
  • Use rebates just like the big brands
  • Rank higher & faster than with discount codes
  • Maintain a higher rank after campaign ends

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Do Rebates Work Better Than Discount Codes?

Yes. But don’t just take our word for it! Check out our test results.
  • Rebate Campaign
  • Discount Code Campaign
  • Control
Numerous tests indicate that full price sales result in:
  • Higher keyword ranking
  • Shorter time to page 1 rank
  • Less rank slippage after campaign
(As compared to discount code campaigns)
  • 26%

    Increased Revenue Within 90 Days
  • $17K

    Average Monthly Sales of Page 1 Rank Product
  • 12Days

    Average Time to Reach Page 1
  • 84%

    Campaigns that Resulted in Page 1 Rank
*Based on averages of qualifying campaigns
Tony, Seller in Sports & Outdoors

“I have used every method and strategy for ranking products. But this was different. I could tell in less than a week that this had more of an impact on my keyword rankings than anything else. The product..”

Big Brands Use Rebates on Amazon®


The big brands have used rebates on products sold through Amazon® for years. The barrier to small businesses has been the marketing of rebate offers and fulfilment of rebate payments. Rebaid eliminates this challenge bringing this powerful promotion to small businesses.


Now your brand can too.

*The pictures and brand names above are displayed solely for providing examples of rebate promotions. This web site is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by these brands or any of their affiliates. The use of these trade names, trademarks and images are for referral purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holders of their product brands.

3 Simple Steps to Success

Our streamlined process allows sellers to create and launch rebate campaigns in just minutes. Once launched campaigns can easily be tracked, paused and ended from the seller dashboard.

  • Enter Product Description

    Submit basic information about your product including picture, description, product ratings and assign a campaign name.

  • Create Rebate Offer

    Create your rebate offer. Determine the rebate % you would like to offer. Also set the number of rebates available and campaign duration.

  • Fund & Launch Campaign

    Just pay for the first day of your campaigns rebates. Your campaign will be live and available to tons of Rebaid shoppers within 2 hours.

How we handle shopper rebates.

  • Order Authenticity Guarantee

    Rebaid offers a 45 day guarantee on the authenticity of all orders. Any rebate redemption that is identified as a returned / cancelled order or redeemed with a false order number will be promptly credited back to you. Sellers can verify all order ID’s by exporting their redemption report in the seller dashboard.

  • How are Rebates Issued to Shoppers?

    Rebaid offers shoppers rebates via mailed checks sent in about 40 days. In addition we offer trusted shoppers a fast 3-day rebate option via direct deposit. We have the ability to reverse a direct deposit that has already been issued if we determine a shopper violated the terms of the rebate redemption.

  • Why 3-Day Rebates to Shoppers are Great for Sellers

    Offering trusted shoppers faster rebate payments means they will often accept a lower % rebate. This means you can generate more sales at a lower cost to your business. As a reminder, under our Order Authenticity Gaurantee you will be credited back for any rebate identified as a returned / cancelled order or false order ID. We do take significant steps to greatly reduce the frequency of misuse of the platform by shoppers.

  • Do Sellers Need to Manually Approve Every Rebate?

    No. Sellers should regularly monitor their Rebaid order reports and verify them against the confirmed orders in their seller central account. You have 45 days from the day of rebate redemption to dispute a order # by creating a support ticket. If we don’t receive any contact within 45 days the order is assumed to be valid and is closed in our system.

  • Who are the shoppers on Rebaid?

    We are continuosly growing our base of trustworthy shoppers looking for great deals on Amazon®. We reach shoppers through social media, referrals and content marketing. When first time shoppers receive your product and their first rebate payment we find they are often “hooked” and are eager to redeem more rebate offers!

Built by Sellers. For Sellers.

We were made for this, literally. It all started with our own ambition to grow our Amazon® businesses. Rebaid was built from the ground up to be the most powerful launch system. After accomplishing this goal we felt compelled to share it with the seller community.

  • Scott went above and beyond when I contacted him before running my first campaign. He’s become my quasi mentor. I really can’t thank him enough” - Lisa

    What other sellers are saying

  • Owen Seller in Home & Kitchen Category

    I almost felt like giving up on Amazon before using this system. Before using Rebaid, when I would go out of a stock on an item it would be almost impossible to recover my ranking. Now I run these rebate campaigns and I can always get back to the top of page 1 when I go back in stock.

  • Tony Seller in Sports & Outdoor Category

    “I have used every method and strategy for ranking products. But this was different. I could tell in less than a week that this had more of an impact on my keyword rankings than anything else. The product..”

  • Dalisay Seller in Craft Supplies Catagory

    I was referred to Rebaid from a FBA training course. I was unsure about giving away products for free to get a good ranking. But I’m glad I tried it! 8 months into my seller account and I already have my first best seller product. Now working on building another best seller.