milk-dispenser-for-fridge-gallon with cash back rebate
milk-dispenser-for-fridge-gallon for cheap
milk-dispenser-for-fridge-gallon with discount code
milk-dispenser-for-fridge-gallon with cash back rebate
milk-dispenser-for-fridge-gallon for cheap
milk-dispenser-for-fridge-gallon with discount code
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mealQ Automatic Beverage Dispenser for Milk, and

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Improve kitchen safety, convenience, and cleanliness with a mealQ Automatic Milk Dispenser that saves you time and effort when getting a quick drink.

If you’re like most people you’ve got large gallon milk, orange juice, and even water in the fridge. And if you’ve got kids or senior adults in the house those gallons can create a mess if they can’t pick them up and tip them over without spills. That’s why we developed the mealQ Automatic Beverage Dispenser that replaces the lid and gives you a simple, easy way to dispense a drink or milk for cereal without picking it up, tipping it over, or even having to touch it at all.

This rechargeable drink dispenser tap not only works great in your kitchen fridge it can be used when you’re hosting birthday parties, supporting catered work events, or drink sharing at school functions. It also creates a leak-resistant seal and boasts a smooth pump action, so you can be sure you get just the right amount of liquid without spills or messes.

Product Details:

  • Automatic Beverage Dispenser
  • Easy to Attach Dispensing Spout (Universal)
  • Compatible with Standard Gallon Jugs
  • Smooth Pouring Tap with Leak-Resistant Seal
  • Rechargeable Battery with USB Charging Port and Cable
  • Works Great with Milk, Water, Juice, and More
  • Supports Hands-Free Dispensing for Kids and Seniors

What is included:

  • Beverage dispenser with built-in battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Two silicone tubes

Make it easier to fill a glass or fill up a bowl with an automatic beverage dispensing spout that keeps you from having to lift and pour directly from a big, heavy gallon jug. Get one now by clicking Add to Cart above today.

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