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humidifersdiffuser-for-bedroom with cash back rebate
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Minidiva Cool Mist Desk Humidifier Air Purifying

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  • COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER-Minidiva Cool Mist Humidifiers balance your room's humidity level pumps moisture into the air to combat the skin dryness, cough and dry throat, keeping you feeling great during allergy seasons, a perfect decoration for home desk, bedroom and office, improving indoor air quality.
  • EASY OPERATION-This portable humidifier works and changes between two spray modes simply by one press. You only need to press the switch for a short time to set the mist: giving the first press will open the continuous spray mode and turn on the LED colorful light, and it will be switched to the intermittent spray mode by another quick press. A long press can control the LED light on/off of the water tank.
  • TWO SPRAY MODES & TIMED SHUT-OFF - This mini humidifier has two modes, continuously spraying for 6 hours or intermittently spraying for 8 hours. After 6/8 hours (depending on the mode you choose) the machine will shut off automatically, so you can use it at night without worrying about safety. 280ml capacity provides lasting mist that can moisturize your skin during the night time.
  • VINTAGE LAMP & VIVID ATMOSPHERE LIGHT-The unique vintage style of the lamp is an adorable part of this humidifier, which will offer increasingly strong warm light when you screw the switch clockwise, easy to use at bedtime. And the LED bottom light creates a lively atmosphere, working as a guardian all day/night long (if you do not switch the light off).
  • 1200mAh BATTERY & USB POWER SUPPLY -The humidifier comes with a Type-C port for device charging, as well as a long-life rechargeable battery that can support the LED light on for up to 100 hours when wireless, which make it convenient to fit in any circumstances as long as you need this companion.

Minidiva Nano Mist Mini Humidifier
Enjoy a Healthy, Peaceful and Comfortable Life!


  • Colorful Light & Night Light.
  • The light changes gradually from weak to strong under the control of the brightness switch.


Ultrasonic Quiet Design.


  • Less than 30 dB quiet atmosphere can create a quieter sleeping environment.




  • It is convenient for you in many place only with computer or other USB power.


Product Parameter:
  • Material: ABS+PET
  • Input Port: USB
  • Rated Power: 1.5W
  • Spray Time: 6-8 hrs
  • Spray Amount: 25-40ml/H
  • Water Capacity: 260ML
  • Product Weight: 200g
  • Product Size: 95*95*225mm





Spray function


  • Humidifier sucks up enough water;
  • For the first time, short press the switch to turn on;
  • The continuous spray mode;
  • Water tank light open at the same time.


Auto Shut-Off Modes


  • Shutdown timer
  • Waterless auto shut-off
  • Intelligent anti-dry function, longer service life




  • Convenient for many place,
  • Computer, laptop, adapter, power bank or other USB power can supply


Safety lampshade


  • Environmentally and friendly -The lampshade is made of PET material on food grade.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Anti-beating and not fragile.



1. Put the cotton swab into the casing

The cotton swab should be fully soaked with water when first used.

2. Fix the casing

Fix the casing with the cotton swab to the bottom of the lamp as well as the lid of the water tank.

3. Add water

Hold the bottom of the water tank by hand, open the water tank and add water according to the direction indicated by the mark.

4. Lock the water tank and switch on the humidifier

Rotate clockwise to lock the water tank, and press the function key to switch on the humidifier.

Package Lists:

1 * 260ml Minidiva Time Lamp Humidifier 1 * USB Cable 2 * Cotton Swabs 1 * Instruction Manual Ideal & Warm Life Gift Great gift for lover, parents, baby, friends and colleagues at birthday, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day etc.






  • Q: How to Maintain the Humidifier ?
  • A1.For the first, please soak the cotton swab fully with water and put them into the casing, and fix the casing with cotton swab on the bracket inside the water tank.
  • A2. Please do not add other essential oils, perfume, distilled water and pure water, which will cause the cotton swab to clog and the humidifier to be unusable.
  • A3. Please do not use any disinfectant to clean it. Avoid the corrosiveness of the atomizing film.
  • A4.It is forbidden to use sharp objects to poke the mist outlet to avoid damaging the atomizing sheet and affect the mist output effect.
  • A5. Changing the cotton swab once every 1-3 months to maintain the product life.
  • A6. Products intended to stand should be stable when placed on a level surface.

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