Raw Thymus Glandular Tissue Ocean Fed Harbor Seal Gland Extract Natural Health Immune Support

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✅ Raw Thymus Extract Contains softgel capsules with 1000mg of active ingredients per softgel capsule: 50-day course. Serving size is 1 softgel. 1 softgel = 4 competitive capsules, 50 softgels = 50 days supply. ✅ Healing Drops Thymus Glandular softgel capsules are the thymus peptides bio regulator natural material. Harbor Seal - Phoca vitulina ✅ Serves the same role as peptide bioregulators developed naturally in the healthy body. Ocean-fed & Ocean-finished. Absolutely NO Hormone, Pesticide & GMO. ✅ The idea of “glandular therapy” is hundreds of years old. Based On concept that "Like strengthens Like” Thymus Raw Glandular Tissue material transfers Universal knowledge to every cell how to reduce peptide deficiency in cells and body. No Fillers and No Flow Agents. ✅ Allergen Free. Healing Drops Thymus Raw Glandular Tissue teaches and shows immune and other cells in human body how to operate protein synthesis inside the body’s cells.

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