boric-acid-suppositories with cash back rebate
boric-acid-suppositories with cash back rebate

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Flower Power Vegan Boric Acid Suppositories - 3

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•NO MORE ODOR, ITCH AND DISCHARGE - Odor, itch, discharge and dryness are issues that happen to every woman. That’s why we’ve created our boric acid vaginal suppository capsules. Our product has helped thousands of women, with many calling it a “vagina detox”. Our QuickDissolve cruelty-free (non-gelatin) boric acid capsules contain super-soft natural powder. Boric acid is found in seawater – it's safe and has been used by practitioners for over a century. Now you can get it from home!

•BYE-BYE EMBARASSING ODORS – Our vaginal suppositories are formulated with 100% pharmaceutical-grade boric acid powder to help you combat vaginal odor, quickly. You’ll instantly feel confident at work, the gym.. and in the bedroom. Other companies fill their capsules with fillers, dyes, and other yucky stuff. Not us. Ours are 3rd-party tested, natural, and completely vegan. They can help work as a BV treatment for women. They’re not a scented cover-up and do not hurt or burn.

•SUPER-FAST ACTING – Vaginal health issues and pH balance for women can be difficult to manage. That’s why our boric acid tablets are super-fast acting to help you restore pH balance quickly – allowing your vagina to feel, smell and taste amazing for your personal moments. Our suppositories work great when you’re under the sheets or any time your pH balance seems out of whack. Insert one suppository capsule each night for 7 nights. Safe to use every day of the month, including during cycle.

•CRUELTY-FREE & OH-SO COMFORTABLE – Gelatin is the key ingredient in our competitors capsules. Ick. Not ours. We love animals and we’ve found vegan capsules dissolve better. Our boric acid suppositories are made with extra-gentle ingredients and dissolve rapidly for soft, sand-free comfort. No gritty grinding down below. A reduction in V odor can often be noticed in 6 hours. Symptoms return? Simply use again for a quick refreshing. Work amazingly as pH balance suppositories for women.

•YOU MUST BE HAPPY OR ITS 100% FREE - Our feminine products are made in the USA – and we can confidently say they'll work or they’re free. We aim to bring the highest-quality vaginal care tools for feminine odor treatment, boric acid pills for women, yoni pearls, vaginal moisturizer suppositories, vaginal wash & other high-end vaginal cleansing products to the feminine health industry. Its time to rejuvenate that ‘pot of honey’ and be the goddess queen you deserve to be!

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Chloe C.


Of course the great deals kinda speaks for itself. But beyond that I just love how easy the entire process is. There’s no hoops to jump through. It shows when your rebate payments are coming and they arrive on the date. Can’t ask for more than that.

Joe M.


My friend recomended I try this site. Definitely glad I did. Most recently I got a cordless drill for less than $1. This is amazing. Thanks.

Helen B.


When I heard about this site I thought there would be a membership fee or something. But I was happily surprised that it was free. The site was user friendly making my ordering process simple. I was skeptical at first but to my surprise I received my beautiful ambient salt lamp and rebate check within days of ordering.

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