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Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021

by Ian Smith July 26, 2021

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021


Top Amazon sellers will tell you—the best way to rank higher than other sellers in your category is to drive qualified external traffic to your listings and grow your own customer list. The real magic happens off Amazon.


There are two approaches to marketing off-Amazon which will help you:

• Get more reviews

• Rank your products higher, faster

• Increase your conversion rate

• Turn one-time customers into repeat buyers


approaches to marketing strategy

First, you need to start by answering this one question: Have you sold anything on Amazon in the past 30 days and can leverage those past customer relationships?

If your answer is no and you don’t have any Amazon sales just yet, don’t worry—you still have options. 

If you do have Amazon sales, great! We’ll give you some POWERFUL tips in the second half of this article.

Here are 9 off-Amazon strategies new sellers can use right now to turn completely cold traffic into customers, increase their sales volume, capture Amazon reviews, build a list and rank:


Off-Amazon strategies for sellers with NO sales

1. Launch a Rebate Funnel or use a launch tool like Rebaid

2. Launch an affiliate program where you give 50% to 90% commissions to whoever brings you a full price Amazon sale

3. Buy an email or phone number list from a data provider, then give that list of people an irresistible offer they can’t refuse

4. Create partnerships with brands that are not your competition and get more reach with your potential customer base

5. Run ads on blog websites that already get the eyeballs and attention of people that you’re wanting to target

6. Hire an influencer, or two, to promote your product and create video content for you

7. Run Facebook Ads to promote your Rebate offer or Amazon listings 

8. Use Google Ads to target people who are already searching for your product

9. Target potential customers on TikTok and drive them to your rebate offer


Rebate Funnels or Rebaid

Rebates are the most effective way to rank your listings fast when you’re launching new products. Even better? When they’re completely automated using landing pages or a chatbot. 

Our automated Rebate funnels and bots are designed to save sellers from performing time intensive tasks while giving them an email or SMS communication channel to be able to reach their customers down the road.  

Rebaid is another great option for getting full-price Amazon sales quickly, and at a low cost, since their shoppers are already looking for great deals like yours. Also, a huge advantage of using Rebaid is that you don’t need to pay for traffic—which can be very costly. 

Whichever Rebate route you take, make sure to go about getting keyword attribution and reviews in a conservative way. You do not want to get on Amazon’s radar for trying to game the ranking and review system. 



Affiliate Program

This is similar to a rebate campaign, but you’re giving the rebate to the promoter instead of to the actual customer. This is a great way to leverage someone else’s audience, as well as build relationships with those influencers who have massive trust with their audience. 


Buy A List

There are many data providers or even brands that may be willing to sell you their email or SMS list, as long as you aren’t offering a competing product/offer. It just takes some work to seek out the brands that would be open to doing this. 

The easier route would be to find a data provider who you can purchase an email and SMS list from. 


Create Partnerships

Finding brands to partner with that offer different products than yours sets you up with another long-lasting, low-cost traffic source. 

Also, third party validation is a huge trust builder. You can build strong relationships with a new consumer in half the time it would normally take. 

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021

Facebook Ads

Facebook knows nearly everything about its users, which makes its interest-based targeting, demographic targeting, and geotargeting very reliable. 

Facebook is also a great place to promote your Rebate campaign and share valuable content about your product. You can choose to drive traffic straight to the rebate offer page or to a full-price sales page first which can safeguard your Amazon listing’s conversion rate. Driving ad traffic straight to your Amazon listing page is not recommended unless you’re targeting past Amazon customers with your ads.  

Bonus Tip: Just don’t use the term “Rebate” or “Get this for free” in your ad copy or Facebook will shut down your ad account.

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021

Google Ads 

Google is king when it comes to targeting high-quality cold traffic because Google users are already searching for your product. You just have to target the most relevant keywords, and there are tons of free tools you can use.

With Google, you’ll want to drive traffic straight to your Amazon listing and mention Amazon in your Search ad copy. Amazon boosts your ranking when it sees traffic coming to your listing from Google. That’s because Amazon thinks it’s coming from organic search traffic.  

Bonus Tip: Don’t use the word “Amazon” in your ad copy though because trademarks in ads can hurt performance. Instead, just use AMZ. 

Want to get your Amazon products on the first page and stay there? Connect with us at and schedule a strategy call with us.

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021

TikTok Ads

TikTok is not just for creators and entertainment. More users and influencers on TikTok are sharing Amazon finds that are making their lives easier, their teeth whiter, their skin get the point. 

The hashtag #amazonfinds has more than 10.7B views alone, not including #amazonfind and #amazonmusthaves trailing close behind. 

Brands who are making TikTok content and advertising on the platform are ahead of the curve, but it’s important to understand the platform or collaborate with influencers who do, before you launch your first campaign. 

Advertising on Google, Facebook & TikTok allows you to follow your potential customers and stay top of mind until they finally decide to buy. 

For Amazon sellers who already have customers and want to get them back, we got you! 

Off-Amazon Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers in 2021

Here are 4 off-Amazon marketing strategies that any seller can use to retarget their customers.


Off-Amazon strategies for sellers with sales

1. Add your customers to your Email campaigns

2. Use SMS Marketing to text your customers instantly

3. Launch a Direct Mail Funnel and send your customers a postcard

4. Target your Amazon customers on Facebook & Google


In order to use any of these off-Amazon strategies, you need to download your Amazon customer data and do an email and phone number append. 

Most Amazon sellers don’t know that downloading their customer data is possible. That’s where we come in! 

To learn more about how to access your customer data, click here


Email Marketing 

Once we hand over your list of Amazon customer email addresses, there's nothing stopping you from reaching them directly—as often as you want. 

That means you can share your rebate offers, new product launches, and discounts with your customers any time—and you can even ask for an Amazon review! 


SMS Marketing 

Not long ago, it was too intrusive for a business to text its customers. That’s not really the case anymore. 

Today, 75% of customers say they want to receive offers via SMS. Plus, SMS click-through rates are 9.18% higher than any other digital channel, and 67 million Americans redeem offers via mobile phones (

We’ll give you your customers’ phone numbers so you can communicate with them instantly without any restrictions—other than your character count. 


Direct Mail Funnels

Direct mail isn’t new but we can assure you, your competitors aren’t doing it. 

Sending your customers a branded postcard with a rebate offer is like a bonus touchpoint to help you stay top of mind. It’s a physical, tangible advertisement that your customer can act on instantly or leave on their counter or fridge to remind them later on.

You can even use a direct mail postcard to ask for reviews which will boost your Amazon ranking.


Facebook & Google Ads

Owning your customer data means you can upload it all to Facebook and Google to create your best retargeting audiences so you can remind customers to buy from you again. 

Want to grow your customer list faster? You can create a lookalike audience from your Amazon customer list to reach new potential buyers that are most likely to buy your product(s). This tactic is especially valuable for Amazon sellers who don’t have consumable products or multiple products to sell. 

If you want to start using any of these strategies immediately to grow your Amazon business and rank, we’re happy to help. Click here to schedule a free strategy call with our team at Evolve Media.

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