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Mini Pilates, Barre and Stretching Exercise Ball - 4" (10cm) - Inflatable

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Get more from your workouts with the 4 inch Pilates Mini Ball!
Are you looking for a perfectly sized Pilates or Reformer accessory ball? Do you want the perfect workout accessory for strong abs and thighs that travels easily and helps you get more from your workouts?
The 4 inch mini ball is a convenient, safe alternative to a pad or circle, and is small enough to easily slip in a gym bag, carry on case, or even the smallest home gyms!
Available in 5 vivid colors:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow


 Must-Have Exercise Accessories in 5 Fun Colors - PilatesSupplier Mini Exercise Balls are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Pink, and our most popular color, Blue! At 4 inches (10 centimeters) in diameter, you can easily take it with you for quick yet effective workouts any day, any time. Each order comes with 1 exercise ball so you can easily order a variety of colors to mix and match.

✔ Improve Core Strength - Our exercise ball is excellent for engaging and strengthening your body's core, improving stability and form, balance, toning, flexibility, prevent overstretching, and increase your range of motion. Whether your goals include weight loss or everyday fitness and strength training, or physical range of motion, our supplies are here to help you on your fitness journey!

 Perfect Choice for Daily Workouts and Fitness Routines - Our exercise balls are small enough to easily slip into a gym bag and take on the go, so you never have to miss a quick stretch or workout. The perfect accessory for Pilates, gymnastics, and yoga stretches, you can also strengthen your legs by squeezing the ball between your knees, use it as a focus point during leg lifts, through recovery exercises, and much, much more!

✔ Inflate to Your Desired Tension Level - Adjusting your inflatable ball's tension levels is simple! Add or release air using any ball pump (not included). Make the ball as hard or soft as needed in order to get the most out of your workout!

 Durable and Non-Toxic - Our exercise supplies are made using the highest quality materials so whether you are stretching your back, squeezing your thighs, or engaging your core, our supplies will last and never pop! Made using only safe, non-toxic materials so you can exercise with peace of mind, knowing you are using the best in exercise equipment.

Stand out at the gym or your Pilates and yoga classes with these brightly-colored fitness accessories. Each order comes with one mini exercise ball, so you can easily mix and match your sets!

ADJUSTABLE INFLATION: Our exercise balls are fully inflatable, and may be inflated or deflated to suit your needs. This item can be inflated using any standard ball pump, making adjustments a breeze!

QUALITY THAT LASTS: The mini-ball is a durable 4-ply fitness tool to help you also strengthen the inner thighs and deep abdominal muscles during workouts, taking pressure off of the ilio-tibial (IT) bands on the outer thigh, and making you leaner and more toned.  

Use your mini-ball during exercise to engage the body's core muscles, including the deep transverse abdominal that helps flatten the belly and reduce pressure on the back and other muscles. 

Feel stronger with a strong core.  Just add the miniball between knees or ankles during any exercise you normally do, where the ball can be added safely.  Suggested exercises come right on the box too!

Our best small exercise ball is the perfect accessory for your fitness needs, from independent stretching and workouts at the gym, to mat and reformer Pilates, yoga, barre, and more! Additionally, using this equipment may improve your form, balance, and range of motion. These mini-balls are reliable and durable, excellent tools for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Start improving your workouts and get healthier and stronger faster, add the PilatesSupplier Mini Exercise Ball to your cart today!

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