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Using Tik Tok Ads to Boost Amazon Sales - A Secret Weapon?

by Dirk Llorens Aug. 17, 2021

Amazon sellers are constantly looking for new ways in which they can advertise and boost sales of their products. When it comes to multichannel marketing strategies, some people totally overlook TikTok, but you shouldn’t. In spite of some baseless stereotypes about the platform, it has the potential to be an incredibly lucrative place to reach a new audience.

TikTok is full of kids, right? Wrong.

The idea that only teenagers are accessing TikTok is pretty baseless, as just 26% of their audience are under the age of 20. The platform is popular with adults, with spending power. Some eCommerce brands are already using the social network to incredible effect to boost their sales.


Why TikTok?


So, what is so appealing about TikTok? We’ve established that most of the users are actually adults, but does this mean they are potential customers?

TikTok, like many other social networks, has users from all kinds of backgrounds and leaves advertisers with the ability to target and filter their ads to get to the ideal potential customer.

This is even more promising when you combine the fact with some of TikTok’s more impressive engagement statistics.

For instance, did you know that the average user opens the app on their phone 12 times in a day? This adds up to an average of almost 70 minutes spent on the app per user each and every day, making up over 250 billion monthly video views. It’s not the world’s fastest growing social media platform for nothing.

TikTok has released some more statistics regarding engagement and user profile. 28% of their users fall into a “higher income” bracket, which is more than YouTube and Instagram.


Using TikTok to Target Customers


So, how do you reach these customers? TikTok’s primary source of revenue is advertising, so it makes sense that they have created an excellent, effective way for people to narrow down their target audience within the platform.

TikTok Ads let marketers narrow people down using demographics rather than keywords. This means that you can find the right profile of potential buyers.

For instance, you might just want to target potential shoppers with a buying intent in a particular niche. The demographic tool allows you to whittle down your campaigns to find these shoppers.

There are other approaches you can take to build awareness of your brand, or even cleverly encourage interaction with creative, viral videos.


Types of Ads


There are so many different ways in which you can advertise on the platform. There are multiple standard advertising methods, allowing you to experiment and establish what works best.

In-Feed Ads

When people scroll and watch videos on the “For You” page on their feed, ads are displayed between the clips. These can have a simple CTA such as a ‘visit our web store’ or ‘buy now’ button. This helps to convert curious users to customers.

Top View Ads

These ads cost a lot, and bigger brands are likely to use them to launch a new range or advertise to the masses. They provide a full-screen video and often work similarly to a commercial.

Brand Takeover, Challenges, and Effects

A Brand Takeover is another inventive but pricey method. It has a full-screen display and can be very attention-grabbing, but may not be the best option for smaller businesses.

Similarly, branded challenges involve working with a partner agency to track down and pair with influencers. You may make a collaborative video with these influencers and then pay to boost the post.

Branded effects allow you to make cool filters and special effects, great for specific events, but also often used to good effect to grow interest in a product.


Using TikTok Ads to Great Effect - Tweaking Your Campaigns


To call modern advertising platforms ‘smart’ is something of an understatement. When you start a Broad Discovery campaign, the algorithm will crawl the landing page you plan to send traffic to. This means that it will discover more about your audience type based on the content and the product, as well as a few other settings you can tweak.

Of course, some categories require a lot more thought than others, but starting with a broad category means that you can start to use the data the algorithm learns. You can track how people interact with the ads, see the impressions and clicks, and make alterations.

It’s sensible to set up multiple campaigns. The campaigns that aren’t working can be paused and tweaked, while those that seem to have a better CTR can remain. It is all about using the data to optimize, changing things like the calls to action and other ad settings as you create more.


Getting Traffic to Amazon


You should create Amazon campaigns to send the traffic to your Amazon Store or product page, using the brand registry referral program if you can (this can save you a lot of money on your fees, but you need to apply to be a part of it).

The Amazon campaigns can allow you to use a pixel to track results sent from the ad campaigns to Amazon. You need your own Amazon Attribution to mirror the TikTok campaign itself, so each ad group can be differentiated.


Conclusion - Is TikTok Worth It?


It’s important to remember that TikTok is just one option, and that it is just a platform for you to use to try and create a streamlined system to promote your products. So, is it worth your time and effort?

When you use TikTok vs Amazon’s PPC ads you will often find that you get better returns. Financially, it makes sense for sellers. The CPM usually works out much more affordable than Amazon’s ads, but this isn’t the only benefit of TikTok.

Few platforms offer such impressive engagement. TikTok is not just a social network, it is a form of entertainment for people, and most users spend hours on the platform every week. If you can harness this engagement and perfect your ad campaigns, your Amazon sales can soar as a result.