Lowes Rebate Center

by Cleora Reber May 26, 2021

Haven't Received Your Lowes Rebate? Find Out Why!


The Evolution of The Rebate

The concept of rebate offerings is becoming increasingly popular in mainstream stores. Rebates of the 21st century are typically offered by websites specializing in rebates. But rebates have not always been such a niche. Rebates, which are partial or full paybacks of money made after purchase, have been around for a while. Rebates were first used in America in 1868 by the Railroad Industry, and at the time, they were called drawbacks. Oil tycoon John D Rockefeller would ship his oil across the country using railroads. He would choose his rail services based on which company could offer him the best rebates. Using Rebates, Rockefeller was able to consistently save huge amounts of money on large shipments of oil. He would then pass those savings on to his customers. His mission in life was to deliver "the best oil, at the best price" and he credited railroad rebates for helping him do it. 


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How Do I Access A Lowes Rebate Center? 

These days Rebates are everywhere, and one of the newest members to the Rebate space is Lowes. Lowes has set up their Rebate program, named the Lowes Rebate Center, and they are offering checks, gift cards, and prepaid cards at most stores. Rather than offer pricing discounts, Lowes will send customers money back on purchases they have made. This program can be reached by searching for


Many of the midwest locations have expanded their rebate program even further, offering 11% cash back on the majority of products sold in stores. So if you are in the Midwest, make sure to check out a Lowes Store today!

Lowes Rebate Center


How Does The Lowes Rebate Center Work?

Lowes Rebate Center requires proof of purchase and contact info to receive their cashback like a typical rebate redemption. Customers can visit, type in their offer number, add their contact info, and submit it to redeem the rebate. Rebates are being offered in the form of a check, prepaid card, or Lowes gift card with a processing time frame of six to eight weeks. This time frame is slightly longer for people who choose to mail in their rebate rather than submit it online.


lowes rebate center


How To Find Out If A Recent Purchase Is Available For Rebate?

To find out if a recent purchase you made at Lowes is available for a Rebate, visit the Lowes Rebate Center Site and click the "Current Rebate Offers" button on the far right. From there, you can search for your rebate using the product model number found on your receipt. If your item is eligible for a rebate, the details and promotion requirements will be displayed online!


My Receipt Is Missing- Can I Still Get A Rebate?

If you lost your receipt, you can still redeem your rebate by logging into your Lowe's account and looking up your order history. If you do not have a Lowes account, you can contact customer care, and they should be able to redeem your purchase history. 


Why Haven't I Received My Lowes Rebate?

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a horrible effect on people and businesses around the world. Some of the businesses hit hardest by Covid-19 closures were Young America and Ecorebates, which acted as Lowes Rebate Center. Lowes uses a third-party rebate center that unexpectedly closed during Covid-19. Lowes' lost their entire rebate database in this closure. This closure resulted in hundreds, if not thousands, of extremely delayed rebates. Some frustrated customers experienced payout delays of over six months. 

Unfortunately, many customers had to reach out to Lowes in order to receive updates. Customers who did reach out to Lowes received instructions to resubmit their rebate either by email or the online rebate center. Customers who did not reach out to Lowes did not receive an update. This failure by Lowes to manage their database created extra work for customers and added to their dissatisfaction and confusion. Many of the resubmitted rebate requests were also extremely delayed. However, Lowes was left with no choice, as they did not have access to their old rebate records. Some customers even ended up receiving apology gift cards via email from Lowes rather than their rebates. People were so upset with the Lowes's handling of their Rebates that they resorted to contacting the Attorney General, The Better Business Bureau, and even the Federal Trade Commission to complain. The Covid-19 Pandemic is slowly but surely ending. Meaning Young America and EcoRebates are up and operating again, though they are still navigating their large backlog from the last year.


What To Do If You Have Not Received Your Rebate From Lowes

If you are one of the thousands of Lowes customers that still haven't received a Rebate from the home improvement giant, there are a few courses of action you can take. Don't forget, you are still entitled to your rebate even if it has been a long time since your initial submission! Start by submitting your rebate again, either by mail or at, to restart the redemption process. You can also contact Lowe's customer service or speak with a representative to see if they can expedite the process or give you any updates. Asking a Lowe's representative if they can offer you a gift card to resolve the issue has been a successful option for many customers. Lowes representatives are also recommending customers contact their third-party rebate processing company, EcoRebates, as they might give more accurate updates through the process. 


Good News For Those Of You Still Looking to Shop:


What Rebates Are Available Near Me?

Check out the Lowes website to see what is available at the Lowes Rebate Center today. Lowes offers rebates on a wide array of products. Large appliances like state-of-the-art refrigerators and brand-new washing machines are available on the rebate program. Smaller items like microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and even paint are also available. Lowes has thousands of dollars worth of rebate offers on their site. 


Lowes Paint Rebates

Rebates on Paint from Lowes are highly sought after. Lowes is one of the top places in the nation to purchase paint, with a vast selection of all the big name brands. Lucky for you and your next paint project, Lowes offers major rebates on paint purchases. Meaning you can get money back on your next big painting project. To check and see which paint products have available rebates follow the above steps on seeing available rebates near you.



Our Top Eight Lowes Rebate Center Picks!

While many Lowes rebate submissions from 2020 have experienced delays, these delays have not carried over to purchases made in 2021. If you are considering buying something from the Lowes rebate center, now is the time. Here are our top eight choices! Note, these may not be available in your area.

Product: Samsung Linear Washer $700 REBATE: Purchase a Samsung 4 Piece kitchen appliance package and be eligible to receive a $700 Mastercard Prepaid Card. The package must include one eligible Samsung appliance from each of the following categories: Refrigerator, Range, Dishwasher, and Over-TheRange Microwave.


Product: GE Profile 48-lb Reversible Door Freestanding/Built-In Bullet Ice Maker $200 to 2000 REBATE: Purchase three or more qualifying GE Profile appliances to be eligible to receive a $200-$2,000 Mastercard Prepaid Card. Limit of one over the range/countertop microwave per appliance suite is eligible for rebate bundle. $200 Rebate - Purchase three select GE Profile Appliances. $2,000 Rebate - Purchase eight or more select GE Profile Appliances.


Product: Studio QuadWash 40-Decibel Top Control 24-in Built-In Dishwasher (Print proof Stainless Steel) ENERGY STAR 5-10% BACK REBATE: Purchase three or more eligible LG Kitchen, laundry, LG styler, air care, or select vacuum products to be eligible to receive a 5% or 10% Mastercard Prepaid Card. 5% or 10% rebate is based on the purchase price paid for eligible appliances before taxes and after discount if any. Eligible categories are refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, over-the-range microwaves, cooktops, hood vent, dishwashers, washers, dryers, combination washers/dryers, LG Sidekick, LG Styler, air care, and select vacuums.


Product: Ultra Dry 48-Decibel Top Control 24-in Built-In Dishwasher  5-10% BACK REBATE: Purchase a select customizable Cafe appliance suite combination of three or more appliances to be eligible to receive a $200-$2,000 Mastercard Prepaid Card. Limit of one over the range/countertop microwave per appliance suite is eligible for rebate bundle. $200 Rebate - Purchase three select Cafe Appliances. $2,000 Rebate - Purchase seven or more select Cafe Appliances.


Product: Bosch 100 50-Decibel Front Control 24-in Built-In Dishwasher Up to $1500 REBATE: Purchase three or more qualifying Bosch kitchen appliances to be eligible to receive a $300-$1,500 Mastercard Prepaid Card. The rebate amount is based on the number of eligible Bosch appliances purchased. Purchase must include eligible models from at least three different categories. Categories include dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, microwave ovens, and ventilation.


Product: Marey Eco Tankless Water Heater. Up to $1400 in REBATES: SoCal Gas offers cash rebates, available for the installation of qualified energy-efficiency products in existing multifamily apartment dwelling units and the common areas of apartment complexes, condominiums, and mobile home parks.


Product: Samsung Matte Black Refrigerator - 20% Rebate via Samsung Prepaid Mastercard! Purchase two or more BESPOKE 24" models from eligible categories and receive a rebate in the amount of 20% of the pre-tax purchase price on a Mastercard prepaid card. 


Product: Maytag Front Loading Washing Machine- $200 in REBATES: Up to $200 in rebates with the purchase of 4 or more appliances! Consumers that purchase select major kitchen or laundry appliances will be eligible to receive up to a $200 Prepaid Card by Mail!


With hundreds of product options to choose from, you are sure to find a rebate that matches your needs. Check out Lowes rebate center today. For more money-saving suggestions, check out our article on 10 Best Chrome Extensions- For Saving Money & Time