Amazon Advertising Strategy: Boosting Your Sales on Amazon

by Dirk Llorens Jan. 7, 2022


Amazon Advertising Strategy: Boosting Your Sales on Amazon

Amazon is competitive. This might be one of the most obvious statements that we have ever made here on the blog, but it is vital to understand.

If you are going to make your mark, penetrate the market with a new product or even just keep existing sales high, you are going to have to have a strategy. One glance at the popularity of third-party sellers on Amazon gives you an idea of what the competition is currently like.

Getting eyeballs on your product and making sales are nuanced art forms.

The likelihood of a product succeeding without a great marketing strategy is slim, so how can you boost your Amazon sales and build the ideal advertising strategy? Our tips explore this in detail.


Optimize Your Listing


It doesn’t matter how many visitors your product listing is getting if it is simply not optimized to make sales and actually encourage people to hit the “Buy” button.

Just under 10% conversion rate is pretty standard for ads, but for organic traffic, to the listing, this could be less.

Before you concentrate too much on driving traffic to the page, make sure that the page has everything you need to make potential sales. This means:

-A clear description that contains all of the information a potential buyer would need.

-Keywords carefully included in the title and description to help you to show up for search terms and optimize other forms of advertising.

-Quality photos and videos. People will want to see a product before buying it, and a high-definition photo is the very least you should be able to provide. Videos vastly improve the buying experience and can help with conversion rate too.

-Plenty of information. Don’t overload the page with info, but make sure everything needed can be found, for instance, what the product is compatible with, or important information like a power supply or sizing.


Boost Your Sales and Reviews

This is particularly vital in the early days of your Amazon selling.

If a consumer comes across a product with barely any reviews, and there is an alternative product with a lot of good feedback, it is likely that they will choose the product with good reviews. Makes sense, right?

So, it is vital that you boost your sales and try to get some reviews in the early stages of launch, or even build buzz before the launch.

Offering discounts in the early stages is one of the ways in which you can boost your sales and reviews, but you need to be very careful about requesting reviews.

Rebaid is one of many ways that you can encourage sales in the early days and beyond. By offering rebates that you completely control to your customers, you can boost your way up the seller rank in Amazon.

Boosting your sales also gives you a method of potentially getting more reviews. Amazon allows you to request a review via Seller Central. This is automatically done on your behalf (Amazon loves reviews) but you can also prompt your customers:


“We don’t require you to request reviews because our systems already do that on your behalf at no cost to you. If you would still like to request a review for a specific order, we recommend that you use the Request a review feature on the Order Details page instead of asking the customer via email or Buyer-Seller Messaging.”


Connect to Influencers, using Amazon Live

Influencer marketing is here to stay, and Amazon is embracing the world of influencers with their Live platform.

Rebaid is the first major platform to offer Amazon Live campaigns. It is simple and straightforward to connect to influencers using the platform, taking advantage of their streams to boost your sales. Product links are included within the stream, and the video remains on Amazon after it is live, and mentions even show on your product listing, adding further video content to convince potential buyers and showcase your product.

Not only does influencer marketing allow you to target your advertising to a focused niche, but it also means you can enjoy the endorsement of allying with some of the biggest and most highly-respected influencers.



Make Use of Amazon’s PPC Marketing

Amazon’s PPC or “Sponsored” ad program allows you to pay to be at the top of the results or to show in related searches. This tends to increase click-through rate and conversions to your products, and ultimately boost your sales as a result.

There is a huge focus on optimization here. You can gradually pinpoint what is working for your target market, change your search terms, and tweak your campaigns as a part of “growth hacking” a product launch.

For many sellers, especially in competitive niches, using PPC or Sponsored Ads is a key driver of traffic, and to an extent determined by the market, it is scalable, allowing you to invest in ads and increase your bottom line as a result.

There are so many guides on optimizing your campaigns and you can even use software tools to help you to increase ROI.


Build Affiliate Relationships

A lot of sellers simply let Amazon handle the affiliates through their associate program. This may boost sales, but if you are proactive, you can actively find blogs and influencers discussing similar products and build relationships with them.

This is a simple and often effective way to appeal to the exact audience you want to, and though you may not be able to completely incentivize reviews, you can provide copies of products for evaluation.


Summary – The Art of Selling on Amazon

There are so many moving parts when it comes to your Amazon advertising strategy. What works for one company might not work as well for another. The key is finding your audience, and building your advertising strategy based on data and modern techniques, including reaching out to influencers using Rebaid.