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6 Best Products to Sell on Amazon

by Dirk Llorens Aug. 6, 2021

You will know from a quick search that you can buy pretty much any type of product on Amazon. So, does the same apply to selling?

Within some restrictions and “gated” categories, there are so many products that you can choose to sell on Amazon, but if you’re looking to make a serious attempt at a profitable Amazon business, some categories are likely to be more fruitful.

You might find that you can carve out a little niche with virtually no competition if you are going to sell some really unusual products. However, there’s a balance to be struck. You need to make sure that there is enough demand so that you can make a good profit and regular sales rather than just getting the odd trickle of orders.

So, let’s dive into the six best product categories to sell on the Amazon platform, including the most common categories for FBA and FBM merchants to sell within.


Home & Kitchen


It’s estimated that around 40% of Amazon sellers have at least one product listed in the Home & Kitchen category.

It makes sense when you think about it. People constantly need new items for their homes. Whether you’re redecorating or you just find that something in your house breaks, or you see a new and exciting home gadget that you think might be useful.

There are so many subcategories within that you can start to boss, and while competition is high, it is still possible to create something unique or outdo the competition.

Products that fit within this category include bedding, furniture, air heating and cooling, and even things like storage units. You’ve also got the growing “smarthome” category. Many of the products in these niches rank very highly on the Amazon “BSR” or Best Seller Rank. While it’s not necessarily easy to launch a product in this niche, virtually everyone spends money on their home on a regular basis, so provide some quality products and it is likely that you can carve out a profitable business.




Gardening is a similar category. Plenty of fanatical gardeners find that Amazon is the easiest place to get supplies. Of course, buying living plants on Amazon is incredibly tough, but there are so many other products associated with the garden.

From garden tools to garden furniture, there are so many different products you can provide for peoples’ gardens, and even the trend of indoor gardening. Unfortunately, there is a big element of seasonality, so this may put some sellers off stocking products in this category as products may spend time in a warehouse if not sold, incurring fees.


Sports & Outdoors


Within the Sports & Outdoors category you will also find exercise equipment, and this represents a growth area for Amazon sellers. Everything from equipment for a specific sport such as cleats and protective clothing, to those armbands you wear when you go running, this category is pretty huge.

There’s an element of seasonality for sellers, but this can be avoided. People need running shoes all year round, for example. Competing with some of the big brands in this space isn’t always easy, but there are certainly opportunities, especially for those who want to undercut the prices of some sports equipment giants.


Toys & Games


Although toys and games are seen as luxury products, the category is one of Amazon’s most popular. All you need to do is look at how many gifts children tend to get at Christmas and on their birthday and you’ll get some idea of how huge a market this is. Not to mention board games for adults, which have seen a resurgance in recent years, too.

Kids burn through toys like you wouldn’t believe, and in their view, they can never have enough. This is a category that offers evergreen returns if you provide a quality product.


Tools & Home Improvement


Buying tools and products for home improvement may be easier online. You certainly get access to far more choice. For instance, if you need a compatible faucet for your home or a tool to fit your new dishwasher. It’s possible to trawl through thousands of products on Amazon to find exactly what you are looking for.

According to Statista, “in 2020, home improvement sales in the United States amounted to some 400 billion U.S. dollars.” That’s a huge sum of money, and a fair portion of that money is spent on Amazon. Products for the home are sold all year round, and people are constantly looking for home improvements, making it a good area to start to research if you’re looking to find products to sell online.


Clothing (Yes, Really)


People don’t necessarily associate Amazon with clothing, but thee are a few reasons why it can be a suitable option, worth exploring for Amazon sellers:


  1. A lot of retailers who may have had physical stores a few years back are now moving online and out of the malls. It’s harder to get your clothes in person, and this is an opportunity for Amazon.
  2. Amazon has Prime Wardrobe so you can try the clothes before you part with your money. This drives more buyers.
  3. People always need clothes. Americans, on average, buy over 60 items of clothing every year. That means there is always a market and always an opportunity.


Some people will never want to buy their clothing online, and it is undoubtedly hard if you can’t try things on. However, with innovations like Prime Wardrobe, the prospect of buying clothes on Amazon has become much more appealing.




The six categories above are just a guideline. There are opportunities in so many different Amazon categories, and the chance to create your own niche product that sells regularly. However, it makes sense to enter the market in a vibrant category where people are already buying from Amazon, to make sure there’s potential for profit.

There is still such a huge potential to grow on Amazon, and as the company’s profits continue to grow, more sellers are building their business on Amazon.