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Walmart Repricers Compared

by Dirk Llorens Oct. 28, 2021

Walmart Repricers Compared


In this guide, we’re looking at Walmart Repricers, comparing and contrasting the software solutions that can automatically alter your pricing to keep you ahead of the competition.


We live in the age of the “buy box”. For third-party sellers, winning the buy box is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce.


So, what does this mean?


When there are multiple sellers of one product, sites use algorithms to decide which of the sellers’ products is currently ‘winning’ the buy box. When a sale is made, the stock is then taken from that seller’s inventory, and that means the profit goes to them.


On Walmart, just as on Amazon and other selling platforms, there are multiple aspects that go into the algorithm, but undeniably, one of the most important is the price of the item.


As Walmart has grown and turned itself into a real Amazon competitor, the focus on pricing for sellers has become even more relevant.


You can see the growth in seller numbers below.

Amazon and Walmart are almost always likely to list the best-priced item first. Competing for the buy box often means giving the consumer the best prices, but you don’t want this to cut into your profit margins too much. That’s where the repricer comes in.


What is a Walmart Repricer?


A Walmart Repricer is a way to integrate with your Walmart seller account and automatically, intelligently adjust the pricing for products. You can set ‘rules’ for the Repricer to follow to ensure that the product is still profitable, but also that you stay competitive when it comes to the Buy Box.


If a competitor changes their pricing, and you suddenly lose the buy box, then the Repricer is able to detect and adjust your prices. It is almost like bidding on your behalf. You can also set it not to drop below a certain price, to ensure that you do not drop to a point where the product is not profitable enough.


Repricers perform multiple roles:

  • Alert the vendor of being ‘outbid’ on the price in the marketplace.
  • Dynamically reprice based on a set of rules that the user dictates.
  • Maximize profits while still keeping the buy box.
  • Monitor the prices of competitors so you don’t have to keep checking.


Example Scenario


Let’s say you’re selling a product on Walmart for $120. To make a profit, you need to sell for over $90.


A competitor may then begin to sell the same product for $110. Suddenly, you’ve lost the buy box. It’s better to make the sales and match the $110 price (or better it) and still be making sales than to lose out altogether, especially if the pricing of your competitor is here to stay.


So, the Walmart Repricer will detect that you have lost the buy box, and make adjustments based on the rules you have set. To outbid this $110 price, your price may drop to $109 or lower, increasing the chances that you win the buy box and ensuring you keep making the sales.


Of course, this competition is inevitable when selling products, and you can set the bottom floor of your pricing so that the price doesn’t just keep dropping to a point that is not sustainable.


Walmart Repricers on The Market


Let’s dive into some of the options.



Flashpricer is a repricer built specifically for Walmart. The creators of Flashpricer grew frustrated with Walmart's API, finding the pricing and buy box data it provided was out-of-date, missing, or incorrect in a lot of cases.

How could other Walmart repricers be expected to work effectively if they were reacting to old or inaccurate information?

Flashpricer’s difference is its ability to view real-time pricing information from the front-end of That way, if the API is not providing the correct data, there is still a way to achieve accuracy.

Their repricer puts these skills to use, blending proprietary AI algorithms with the data available from the Walmart API. To power repricing strategies with the insight needed to price customers into the buy box more competitively.


Flashpricer is able to:

  • Double-check Walmart API notifications against real live competitor pricing on before pushing new price updates

  • Push price updates immediately when the Walmart API reports a buy box price change

  • Check and update buy box prices even if they don't receive a buy box change notification from Walmart

  • Bulk push updates that are not related to competition price changing i.e. min/max settings updates or total cost of an item updated from the supplier

  • Know exactly who is on the listing and at what prices is not specific to Walmart, but it is one of the many online marketplaces that the software can integrate with. Informed uses AI and constant monitoring to help you with multiple aspects of e-commerce selling.


It allows you to win the buy box against competitors but also implements strategies to increase profits when you have the buy box. It can boost your new listings’ chances of earning the buy box and even analyze stock levels so that you know when it is a good idea to liquidate inventory.


Check out some of the features on offer from this impressive software below:



Informed has a pricing model that adjusts based on your revenue, so it remains affordable for sellers of all sorts of sizes.


Repricer is powerful multichannel repricing for all of the following, as well as Amazon:

It integrates brilliantly with Walmart, and you can quickly get set up and start improving your e-commerce performance. There are seven “pre-defined” strategies that you can plug and play with straight out of the box, so you don’t spend ages making tweaks to the rules.


Excellent added features to track profitability can give you a fascinating insight and show you how you may be able to make more money out of your products.



You can use bulk actions that let you add your SKUs and simply set the maximum and minimum prices.


The dashboards and analytics are extremely powerful. For enterprise-level support you can use the dashboard to show you exactly what the repricer has done, daily price changes, and how long you have kept the buy box for. This sort of analysis helps you to better understand and implement strategy.




GeekSeller is an all-in-one solution for e-commerce and offers a repricer for Amazon and Walmart, among others.


You can synchronize your stock quantities and manage shipping and fulfillment using the software, which integrates with a variety of different commerce platforms, shipping companies, and even Walmart’s fulfillment centers.


The GeekSeller “Automation” tools are the relevant repricing function. They allow you to “modify orders and trigger a variety of actions based on custom rules to automate your work.”


GeekSeller is much more than just a repricer, so we recommend using this if you want to shift all of your selling and inventory management to the software rather than just win the buy box.


Conclusion – Winning the Buy Box is Key


For sellers who are in competitive niches, and are competing with other sellers to win the buy box, it is virtually essential to have a repricer for Walmart. In a growing marketplace with more competitors, it is likely that you will get overtaken in terms of pricing, and miss out on sales as a result.


All three of the options on this list give something slightly different, but all feature a powerful repricer to automate the process for you and boost sales.